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Have you fitted your car with these Beautiful Lights? If no, then you should upgrade your Headlights because you deserve better Visibility , Focus and Looks. Companies are cutting cost because of High - throat competition. If you want better focus and great looks then you are at Right place at Right time.

Earlier only high end cars like AUDI, BMW , Mercedes etc had Projector Headlights/ Headlamps but now days this feature is available also in low segment cars at fraction of cost. These lights can be easily installed in your existing Headlights. There are many options available to include in these Powerful  lights. Some of the most common are led, hid, xenon , angel eyes,CCFL Angel eyes, bi-xenon etc.

Car Projector Headlights/headlamps bring along the smoothness and class of consistent light platter will separate your car from all different vehicles. Because of which new front light get-togethers are the most critical for the updates around. In India many street lights are not working so better to be on safer side by using these powerful lights for your own safety. These lights have become absolutely necessary accessory for every vehicles.

Some of the common benefits of these lights are:

1. More Brightness than Conventional Lights in any market condition

2. Better Visibility in Rainy/Foggy condition

3. Fantastic night perceivability

4. Lens in these lights give Better Focus on the Road

5. Improve the look of your ride.

6. Easy to install. Can be installed in 1 or 2 Days.

7.  Less time curving

8. Consumes less energy. Does not affect battery life.

9. Suitable for all weather conditions

Note- Please Dont use your Projector Headlights/Headlamps at High Beam for City driving as it can cause inconveince to the driver coming from the opposite side. Use High Beam only for Highway drives
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